Top 10 Fattest States…And How They Got That Way

10. Michigan

Overweight: 66.8 %

Obese: 31.7%

Staple Food: Pasty

SSBBW Meal finder: B & C Party Pizza. Eat a 7 pound pizza in an hour and get $200.

Famous Fatty: “The Sheik” Ed Farhat

Fat Fact: Battle Creek MI is known as the cereal city as it produces the most cereal in the U.S.

9. Arkansas

Overweight: 67.2%

Obese: 30.9%

Staple Food: Jelly Pie

SSBBW Meal finder: Wimpy’s Burger. Eat 4 pounds of beef, 1 pound of fries and a 24oz shake and win a free shirt.

Famous Fatty: Kevin Williams

Fat Fact: Milk is the official state beverage.

8. South Carolina

Overweight: 67.4%

Obese: 32%

Staple Food: Benne Wafers

SSBBW Meal finder: Thorny’s Steakhouse. An 80 oz Steak.

Famous Fatty: Dizzy Gillespie

Fat Fact:Housed the first tea farm in the U.S.

7. Oklahoma

Overweight: 67.3 %

Obese: 31.3 %

Staple Foods: Fried Okra

SSBBW Meal finder: Route 66 Diner. A 66 oz chicken fried steak.

Famous Fatty: The crying cheerleader

Fat Fact: Okmulgee holds the record for the largest pecan pie.

6. Louisiana

Overweight: 66.4 %

Obese: 31.7 %

Staple Food: Crayfish

SSBBW Meal Deal: The Fat Cat Cafe. A 5 pound sausage.

Famous Fatty: Edward Douglass White

Fat Fact:Produces 98% of the world’s crayfish.

5. Kentucky

Overweight: 67.5 %

Obese: 31.8 %

Staple Food: Fried Chicken

SSBBW Meal Deal: Griff’s Deli. 6 pounds of potatoes, 2 1/2 pounds of chicken, bacon, cheese, onion, tomato, jalapeno, sour cream and butter.

Famous Fatty: Colonel Sanders

Fat Fact: Kaelin’s restaurant in Louisville claims to be the inventor of the cheeseburger.

4. Tennessee

Overweight: 67.8 %

Obese: 31.7%

Staple Food: The Elvis Sandwich ( Peanut butter, bacon and banana)

SSBBW Meal Deal: Sweet P’s BBQ and Soul House. A 5 pound bbq pork burrito with 1/2 pound of mac and cheese and 1/2 pound of banana pudding.

Famous Fatty: Aretha Franklin

Fat Fact: Mountain Dew was invented here.

3. West Virginia

Overweight: 67.9 %

Obese: 32.9 %

Staple Food: The pepperoni roll

SSBBW Meal Deal: The Poky Dot. 4 eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, pancakes, biscuits and sausage gravy, breakfast, potatoes, toast. All served up on a trash can lid.

Famous Fatty: Huntington, West Virginia. Thank you Jamie Oliver.

Fat Fact: The first ever food stamps were issued in West Virginia.

2. Alabama

Overweight: 70%

Obese: 33%

Staple Food: Corn Bread

SSBBW Meal Deal: Saucy Q BBQ. Eat a 2.5 pound pulled pork sandwich with a pound of coleslaw and a pint of BBQ sauce.

Famous Fatty: Charles Barkley

Fat Fact: Home of George Carver Washington who developed more than 100 uses for peanuts.

1. Mississippi

Overweight: 68.8%

Obese: 34.5%

Staple Food: Mud Pie

SSBBW Meal Deal: Over the Top. The pickle vat challenge. Eat 16 scoops of ice cream.

Famous Fatty: Oprah

Fat Fact: The first state to bottle Coca-Cola.


A Brave New (Fat) World

According to NPR, We are fat. If our current weight gain trend continues, 83% of men and 72% of women will be overweight or obese by 2020.  They say we should be frightened as civilians.These numbers come from Mark Huffman, an associate professor of preventative medicine and cardiology at Northwestern University.

The answer? Doctors need to stop avoiding talking with their patients about weight. Why do doctors avoid this? Because patients will stop going to the doctor if they feel they’re going going to be told they’re not losing enough weight. They recommend easier access to fruits and veggies and more P.E classes in school blah, blah, whole grains, blah, blah.

I call BS. Everyone knows the world is ending in 2012…