SSBBW Meal Finder: Indiana State Road 37

I spent last weekend in the 15th fattest state in America. Unfortunately I did not see Ron Swanson. The first thing I notice any time I’m in the midwest is how friendly the people are. It’s a world of difference getting away from all the MASSholes. The second thing I notice is all food. I made the drive from Indianapolis down to Bloomington on IN-37 S. This stretch of highway is a dream come true for any fatty stuck driving in the middle of the country. Here is what I passed on my short drive.

Waffle House

Open 24 hours. I never had waffle houses growing up in California so I ‘m overly amused by them. There were multiple locations on the hour long drive.

Steak N’ Shake

4 meals for under 4$? You know you’re getting high quality ingredients. The 24 hour gem of the midwest.

Hardee’s/Red Burrito

I think this one amused me the most. I grew up with Carl’s Jr. and Green Burrito and their hilarious radio ads. I knew it was called Hardee’s but i had no idea it was Red Burrito in the midwest. Oh and they also have quesadillas and tostadas.

Then there are the standards.

White Castle



Taco Bell

Burger King



No matter what your fast food taste is, IN-37 has you covered. Personally, I waited until I made it all the way to Bloomington so I could eat some delicious local grass-fed cow. Next time you are driving through Indiana hit up this fast food highway to stuff your face. And then stop at one of the billions of churches and pray you don’t go to hell for being a glutton.


SSBBW Meal Finder: Eagle’s Deli Boston, Ma

This is a new segment to the blog. It’s a tribute to Susanne Eman who is on a mission to become the fattest woman in the world. I’m going to find her the ultimate high calorie meals around the country. Why not start in Boston, Ma where I am located.

Eagle’s Deli is a burger joint (is it still cool to call it a joint?) that serves up delicious, massive size burgers. The have small 1/4 pound kiddie burgers all the way up to to Eagle’s challenge burger, which is the ultimate SSBBW meal at Eagles.

The challenge is 5 pounds of ground beef, 20 pieces of bacon, 20 pieces of cheese, 5 pounds of fries, 1 pickle and a soda. It looks like this…

Here’s the nutrition profile:

Susanne Eman eats 20,000 calories in a day so I think she could polish this one off!