Seriously Guys, You couldn’t have robbed a Taco Bell?

I love me a good stereotype. This morning, two black males robbed a KFC  in North Carolina. How much fried chicken was stolen? Well, none. The men pretended they were delivery drivers  before the restaurant opened and proceeded to rob the KFC employees at gunpoint. Luckily the two black males were between 5 feet 7 and 5 feet 10 and wearing hoodie’s so they should find these guys in no time…Seriously, you had to rob a fried chicken chain?! Ride the cliche!

In other news, Taco Bell is still looking for the rat that lead a takeover of a New York City location 5 years ago. Police Sketch artists have rendered this depiction of what the rat might look like today.


Fat is not funny

Ok I lied it’s still funny. It just isn’t funny for Thomas Hunt. Thomas is suing his former boss for making fat jokes directed towards him. His former boss told him to walk around the building during his 30 minute lunch break. She didn’t give him a promotion because of his fat appearance. She told him at a staff meeting she learned to keep her mouth shut when clearly he hadn’t…because he was eating cookies.

Hunt claims her criticism was discriminatory and humiliating. I think he should have just fired back at her. I’m sure he could have made a joke about her driving or told her to go vacuum and clean the furniture (this isn’t a women stereotype blog people that’s all i can think of). Maybe Thomas just needs a compassionate boss like Michael Scott

Are you a fatist?

According to, a fatist is defined as “a person with a prejudiced belief that one persons weight is superior to others.”

Take the quiz below to find out if you’re a fatist!

1. When a fat person is walking in front of you taking up the whole sidewalk you…

a. Walk around him and laugh at how fat they are

b. Walk around politely and don’t say anything

c. Nothing

2. When you see a fat person eating a ton of food with your friends you…

a. Make fat jokes

b. Smile and think “that makes sense”

c. Nothing

3. When a fat person complains it’s too hard to go to the gym you think…

a. Aaaand that’s why you’re so fat

b. No one said going to the gym was easy

c. It is hard to go to the gym

4. When someone makes an inappropriate fat joke you…

a. Laugh and try to come up with a better joke

b. smile or laugh but feel a little uncomfortable

c. don’t think fat jokes are funny

5. When a fat person is sitting next to you on an airplane you…

a. get extremely upset and realize you’ll have fat hanging over your armrest the entire flight

b. wish you had a different seat but shift to the other armrest

c. never sat next to a fat person on an airplane before

6. When the fat person next to you in line stinks you think…

a. why do all fat people stink?

b. He must have been working out to take some weight off

c. Not all fat people stink

7. When you read about fat people raising insurance costs you…

a. are pissed, why does everyone have to suffer because of their lazy asses

b. It’s probably not entirely their fault

c. don’t have insurance

8. When a fat girl can’t stop talking about how awesome her boobs are you…

a. get mad. Fat boobs are not big awesome boobs, they are nothing more than fat that would go away if the weight ever came off.

b. think I guess they are better than all her other features

c. think “what an ssbbw”

9. When a fat person says they have a thyroid problem you…

a. ask “do you even know what a thyroid is?”

b. think it could potentially be true

c. have a thyroid problem too

10. When you see a fat person riding a motorized scooter you…

a. want to push them off and go for a ride

b. think they should probably try walking

c. ask them which model it is


Now for the results:


If you answered mostly A, you are a full-fledged fattist! Everything about fat people disgusts you and you take pride in making sure everyone around you knows how gross they are.


If you answered mostly B, fat people kinda gross you out, but you think it’s politically incorrect to make fun of someone else’s misfortune. Spend too much time with a fatist and you might become one.


If you answered mostly C, you are fat.