Irony: You Can’t Make This Stuff up

Heart Attack Grill isn’t joking when they say they have a taste worth dying for! Someone had a heart attack at Heart Attack Grill while eating a 6,000 calorie triple bypass burger. No irony here, move along people. Heart Attack Grill is still awesome. This guy would have had a heart attack last night regardless of where he ate dinner last night. The craziest part about this story to me is people thought it was a joke and a publicity stunt. They sat there and took videos and pictures while this poor guy was having a heart attack.

Another pretty ridiculous story that came out today was about a nasty stinkin’ government worker who snatched a 4 year old preschooler’s lunch because it wasn’t healthy enough. The child brought in a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, potato chips and juice from home. The lunch was confiscated and she was forced to eat…chicken nuggets! I’m sure she was really disappointed about that one…Who would steal bag lunches?

There’s a fine line here. Really, it’s none of the governments business what a parent feeds their child. BUT at the same time, it’s borderline child abuse to feed your child garage every single day of their lives growing up. Anyway with the fine nutritional education our government has given us, it’s no surprise parents pack their kids terrible lunches

Apparently irony is the theme of the day today.


Now that’s news.


2 responses

  1. Unfortunately you can’t fix stupid and unfortunately stupid breeds not only more stupidity but it also breeds arrogance. Stupidity and arrogance, which by the way our government is rampant with, is a dangerous combo. Recently my 8 year old daughter was sent home from grammar school with a note from the school nurse explaining that my daughter was overweight and she needs to have her diet monitored. Well no shit, all 3 of my kids are fat but they are active, they eat a relatively balance diet and according to our family doctor they are all metabolically very healthy.
    The school is now asking for a note from our family doctor certifying that she is on a medically supervised diet. When my wife called our family MD and explained the situation the doctor just laughed and said that although our children were overweight they were probably some of the healthiest kids in there age group she has seen in a long time. Unfortunately government and school officials don’t really know what they are doing when it comes to weight. When they see a fat kid they just naturally assume that the child is at risk simply because they have been told by so-called experts that fat is BAAAAAAAD and that the CHIIILDREN are in danger. Most of it is hogwash and it is just another way for the authorities to intrude on your life and manipulate and control society.
    I personally can’t wait to see what comes next in this situation.

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