A Model…Idiot

Susanne Eman, meet Ioana Spangenberg. She needs some help. She is a model who has tried EVERYTHING to gain weight! And she just can’t do it! Poor little thang.

That’s a 20 inch waist you’re looking at. In a recent article, Ioana says she has tried everything to gain weight around her midsection. She has tried eating three whole meals a day! She has tried snacking on chocolate and crisps ( I hate the word crisps. Call it a chip or a cracker!). Hmm…where have I heard that line before? “I’ve tried everything and nothing works!” Oh, that’s right, it’s the anthem of fat dieters.

There’s a big fat acceptance movement and even a pro anorexic movement so why is this woman kidding herself? Why the hell would she try to gain weight around her midsection if her tiny ass waist is the reason she’s a model in the first place? It’s like a sumo wrestler trying to lose weight. It just doesn’t make sense. But, if you really want to gain weight Ioana, try some of the Fatty Lane cookbook recipes! 😉

Seven Layer Cupcakes

Sausage Stuffed Duck Fat Fried Mac and Cheese

3X3 Krinkle Cut Nachos

These guarantee you will get fatter.


7 responses

    • You do realize that she is relatively healthy and that its not her choice that she is that skinny. Its not like she’s anorexic or anything. Some people are born with what’s called a high metabolism dumba*s. Her body type, plus extremely high metabolism, plus genes = how she is now. Think and research before you post stupid comments.

  1. Reblogged this on Married with 'Opera' ! and commented:
    I would not call her really ugly as hell… but I cannot say she is beautiful,as her husband says.
    38 kilos,at 1.7 m…I call that SICK.. maybe she should try a doctor to check for intestinal worms…like tapeworm!!
    Now I’m happy with my looks.. Jeez!!

  2. Come on you People stop being a bunch of Nasty retards, if the Girl can’t gain weight she can’t gain weight, just like some can’t lose it!!!
    I get sick of people of just go off on one anytime they see something they don’t agree with. This Girl has taken a lot of flack over the years because of her figure no wonder she wanted to gain weight!
    Now she has the confidence to be proud of her herself…she should be given credit not a load mouth!
    I think she looks great and I think envy has a lot to do with all the bad mouthing she is getting!

  3. Howard – I think the badmouthing has more to do with the fact that she is unhealthily underweight but she is considered beautiful and the heat she is getting is a misplaced form of justice sense from people who are subjected to being called fat, even if they are within the parameters of what is actually healthy. There are people who can’t gain weight, I have two friends in fact, who are bordering on bony (she is not the only 175 tall girl with a 20 inch waist) and it is a constant battle with their health – And I have seen them eat, I live with one of them, there are no eating disorder to detect – But while I agree that this girl should not be shunned for her looks, I believe there is something wrong with a society where the ideal body for the female sex is so thin it is a danger to their health. It would be horrifying if she turned out to be the next Twiggy and send off a wave of teenagers who starve themselves to death trying to look like her. We should have come a lot further than this.

    • Kinu- I think that the badmouthing has more to do with the fact that people are ignorant to her actual conditions. She is actually relatively healthy, and she eats well enough. Now as far as high blood pressure and things of that nature, we just don’t know. But she is not anorexic or bulimic( to anyone’s knowledge. She could be, but then she and her doctors would be liars). And obviously, she isn’t considered beautiful if she’s getting all this flack for how she is naturally. I mean, yeah, she’s the weight of a 12 year old but the height of an average sized adult, but that’s no reason for anyone to get on her case. If she was truly unhealthy, you would see it in her face, not just her body.

  4. I’d hit it. A lot, Repeatedly.

    Yanno, people that are “too” skinny are always, always, always healthier than people that are too fat. *headshake* Man, the internet has gotten really nasty lately…

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