Rosalie Bradford vs. Susanne Eman

As anyone who has read Fatty Lane knows, the greatweight gain race is is alive and well! There are many vying for the title of fattest woman in the world including Donna Simpson, Pauline Potter and Susanne Eman. I have come to the decision that Rosalie Bradford is the true champion. Not only did she balloon all the way up to 1,200 pounds, she has the world record for the most weight lost by a woman.

Rosalie before and after

As you already know, I think Eman needs to step up her game if she is going to reach her goal of 1600 pounds. I think if she wants to be the true fatty champion she needs to set the world record for heaviest woman AND set the world record for the most weight lost. What would Susanne look like slimmed down? Maybe something like this…

Before and after? Maybe one day...

Only time will tell…



3 responses

  1. Nice Photoshop work, but I think you made her a little too thin. It is true that Rosalie Bradford lost a lot of weight (780lbs). The most amazing part is she did the vast majority of the loss thru diet and exercise which makes the feat even more amazing. But if you will notice even though she lost an enormous amount of weight she never attained what most people would consider thin status. Yes, comparatively to her old self she was thin but to my knowledge she never got below the 400lb rage. In other words even after the weight loss she remained true to her nature and stayed nice and fat. In fact I believe when she died, she was well over the 400lb mark. I guess after weighing in at 1200lbs to her 400lbs was as good as it was going to get. The same will probably go for Susanne Eman, if she decides to reduce down once she reaches her goal.
    Furthermore I do believe that Susanne has stated that 1600lbs is just one goal, I believe she once stated that she wanted to see if a person could actually reach 1 ton in weight. Now to my knowledge the only person who allegedly came that close was Renee Scarfa who claimed a weight of 1800lbs at the time of her death in 2008. In any event I don’t think she will even come close to her goal before she has a major health event. In fact I would lay odds on the fact that my wife would have a better chance since my wife is more pair shaped with a more even distribution of fat throughout her frame while Susanne is more apple shaped. Typically apple shaped women cannot achieve the same levels of extreme obesity that the typical pair shaped woman can. Apple shapes amass the majority of their weight around the abdomen which causes more severe health risks than women who gain their weight in the hips and thighs. So I would be willing to bet that Susanne Eman has almost reached her full potential and she is within a couple of hundred pounds of her max before she ends up hospitalized or worse. Not many truly supersized people live long and that’s ok if they are happy with themselves and their lives but I think you will see Susanne in the news before long and it won’t be good news.

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