Fat Dogs

It isn’t just humans that are fat. Dogs and cats are getting fatter too. I love my big fat pug, and now i learn that she’s just a statistic. 22% of cats and 20% of dogs were obese in 2010. It turns out when dogs sit around, do nothing and eat scraps of their owners junk food they get fat too! Even movie star dogs have been gaining weight.

Shadow, Chance and Sassy were in great shape when they shot Homeward Bound. They have since gained some weight and it shows in their newest feature.

Nestle has decided to help address this growing(pun!) problem. No news on whether chocolate will be offered in their doggy weight loss package…

Be on the lookout for fat dogs on Super Bowl commercials this year. Here is one that is going to air.

Good Dog! This puts Rocky to shame! That dog needs to give Snoopy some pointers. He has really let himself go.

Good Grief



3 responses

  1. I guess just like fat people have fat children they must have fat pets as well. So what’s the problem?
    BTW, chocolate is toxic to dogs, it causes kidney failure.

      • I got the sarcasm, I just didn’t want some dumbass reading your statement and then think it’s okay to feed his or her dog chocolate. Remember there are a lot of people out there that aren’t too bright.

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