Fatty Lane Guide: The 2012 Ultimate Super Bowl Spread

Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day for U.S food consumption after Thanksgiving Day. It’s also the eighth most popular day to drink beer. All the summer holidays rank ahead of Super Bowl Sunday for good reason. How much do we eat and drink on Super Bowl Sunday?

-About 26 million avocados (“That’s a lot of guacamole!” Name that quote)

– About 28 million pounds of potato chips

– About 90 million pounds of chicken wings (approx. 500 million wings) Some say it’s even more.

-About 8 million pounds of popcorn

– About 50 million cases of beer (Maybe more this year depending on how much Billy Cundiff and Kyle Williams drink)

– Pizza Hut will sell 2 million pizzas ( 1.3 million more than the average day). Dominoes will deliver 1.2 million

– Cracker sales increase 70%

-Frozen shrimp sales increase 30%

-6 % of Americans will call out sick on Monday

– It’s the second most popular day for diarrhea after National Taco Bell Day

Just make sure you beat the crowd to the bathroom and leave your couch a few seconds before half time. So what Does the ultimate Super Bowl Spread look like? It’s a fine science crafting the perfect menu. It takes creativity and respect of traditions. I don’t care if everyone orders pizza, you need it on your menu. You wouldn’t leave turkey off your Thanksgiving menu just because everyone else serves it would you? You also need to use your noggin to think creatively and serve some original foods. Below I present you with the 2012 Ultimate Super Bowl spread.



It’s divided into 4 categories:

1. The classics


3.Chips and dips

4. Finger foods

5. Desserts


The Classics:

1. Pizza

2. Wings

It’s as simple as that. Order from your favorite pizza place or make your own.


1. Crappy American beer like Bud Light

2. A craft beer like Dogfish Head

3. Soda

The perfect trio. Water optional.

Chips and Dips:

1. Tostitos Black Bean and garlic chips

2. Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips

3. Guacamole

4. Salsa

5. Queso Dip

6. French Onion Dip

Buy nice chips!! They make everything better. The black bean and garlic chips are tasty and extra crunchy. Same goes for the Kettle Chips. 4 different dips gives plenty of options for anyone.

Finger Foods:

1. Bacon wrapped dates

2.Bacon deviled eggs

3.Bacon spinach artichoke crostini’s

4.Man Log aka Bacon wrapped sausage and cheese

Bacon makes everything better. Don’t worry about pleasing vegetarian guests. In fact if you have vegetarian friends, kindly take the first right and exit Fatty Lane.


1. Cookies

2. Cupcakes

It’s all about food you can hold and eat with your hands. Try the Fatty Lane 7 layer cupcakes.

This is all it takes to throw the perfect Super Bowl Party…Oh, and a TV.



2 responses

  1. I think Super Bowl Sunday is that one day a year when almost everyone eats like a fatty and lets them self see how the gluttons live. I know in our household every day is eat like a fatty day but S.B.S. is a special over the top day. Many of my wife’s family will be over to watch the game that day and the food starts flowing around 1 PM and doesn’t end until the post-game wrap up has ended. I normally put in for the Monday after as a vacation day just so I can finish the cleanup and help my wife through the digestion process. LOL.

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