Cut your Portions…Or Cut Your Legs Off

Following in the footsteps of Georgia, New York City has released some pretty crappy anti-obesity ads. They say if you don’t lessen your portion size, you will lose your legs.

Rather than trying to show people how bad soda is for them, they just say to drink less…so you can keep your limbs. If only they would have taken this approach with illegal drugs! Don’t do too much cocaine…or your nose will bleed.

Arrrrrg....should've gotten the small bottle!

The second advertisement shows an obese woman taking the stairs (maybe to improve her health?). Rather than promote movement and physical activity, they say she needs to eat less french fries so she can be healthier.

So if she gets a small soda and fries she can keep her legs and take the stairs? Seems logical to me. My biggest problem with these advertisements is they’re eerily similar to Taco Bell’s latest advertisements…



3 responses

  1. Contrary to popular belief, most fatties do not shit a lot. Most big fatties are plagued with constipation more often than not. It’s directly related to the amount of food they eat. Their bodies simply cannot process all the waste from the bulk carbs they ingest and it causes a massive back-up that can usually only be passed with the help of laxatives.

    As for the ads; they’re just more scare tactics designed to frighten or shame the obese into being good little cookie cutter like citizens. Fortunately most people pay little attention to things like this, especially when it is easy enough to see that they are devoid of logic or common sense. Example: how many obese women do you see using the stairs? Obviously if they used the stairs they probably wouldn’t be obese. My wife wouldn’t climb a flight of stairs at her present size if her life depended on it.

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