Fat Salute: Fatty’s

This is not a salute to regular fat people, it’s a salute to Fatty’s Burger’s & More in San Antonio, Texas. Not only does their burger rank as the 18th best burger in the state of Texas, owner Mark Outing uses his noggin to come up with interesting and different burger combinations.

They have standard burgers that look incredible like the Coaches Chili burger…

…and the Heisman burger…

What really sets Fatty’s apart is what’s coming out next week. Have you ever dipped your fries in your milkshake? Take it one step further with the new deep fried ice cream bacon cheeseburger.

Also going on the menu will be the pancake burger and the chocolate chip cookie burger. We salute you Fatty’s for taking the favorite foods of fatties everywhere and throwing them on a burger. Everything is better in Texas.


One response

  1. Going to have to take the tribe to that place someday. Unfortunately my wife has grown too fat to fly so I guess I’m going to have to drive her ssbbw ass there.

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