Fatty Lane Cookbook: Sausage Stuffed Duck Fat Fried Mac and Cheese

Let me start by saying these were amazing. If i made them again I would freeze them rather than refrigerating and I’d probably deep fry instead of shallow frying. Here’s what you need

1 Box Velveeta Mac and Cheese

1 (big) link hot Italian Sausage

panko bread crumbs

2 eggs+ a little milk

1/2 tablespoon paprika

duck fat (or any other type of animal fat…or vegetable oil if you’re lame)

Step 1: Make the Mac and Cheese

Follow the instructions on the box dummy.

Step 2: Cut up and cook the sausage

I cooked mine in butter.

Step 3: Combine Sausage with mac and cheese

Step 4: Stir it all up and add in 1/2 tablespoon paprika

The paprika adds a really nice smoky flavor. I know it looks tempting to eat but be patient!

Step 5: Refrigerate

Spread the mixture out in a 9×9 pan, cover and refrigerate for a few hours until it’s cold.

note: I would probably freeze them next time so it sticks together better.

Step 6: Egg wash, Coat with bread crumbs.

Put eggs and milk into one bowl. Put Panko Bread Crumbs into another. Cut the mac and cheese into squares and put into egg mixture followed by bread crumbs.. I found the squares much easier than rolling the mac and cheese into balls.

Step 7: Fry in Duck Fat

Use as much as you want. I shallow fried them but will deep fry next time. Fry until they’re a delicious golden Brown. Consume and love.




3 responses

  1. Looks like another winner.

    BTW, the “krinkle cut nachos” were insane. The wife and kids all gave it the thumbs up; worthy of a full fatty food orgasm.

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