My Fat may be funny to you but it’s killing me

That’s Maya Walters taking a shot at fatty lane. Her advertisement is part of a series of ad’s running in Georgia right now to prevent childhood obesity. You can see them all here. The one i chose to focus on is Bobby. Here are his ads.



I haven’t touched on childhood obesity on Fatty Lane. The reason I haven’t is because it’s not kids faults they’re fat. They don’t do the grocery shopping or the cooking. They don’t drive to get fast food for lunch every day. They only choose to sit on their ass all playing video games because their parents let them. Let’s face it, not all Parents like being parents, and some parents are just plain stupid.

In the obesity video with Bobby, he asks his fat mom why he’s fat. She doesn’t answer. Then comes the text “75% of Georgia parents with overweight kids don’t recognize the problem. Stop sugar coating it Georgia.” Let me fill you in on your problem strong4life, AKA Children’s healthcare of Atlanta AKA the company running these ads. THE PARENTS DON’T RECOGNIZE THEY HAVE A PROBLEM EITHER! 65% of Georgia is fat or overweight. You really think the problem is they’re sugarcoating it? Unless they are literally coating everything they eat in sugar, I call bullshit.

First of all, Doctors aren’t even telling their patients they’re fat! You really think it’s the parents fault? Here’s a fat parent who goes to the doctor, and they say “you have a high BMI so you might want to watch what you eat and exercise.” Most people won’t take that as “you are fat and if  you don’t change your lifestyle, you will probably die.” People hear “try to eat healthier and consult the  get more grains and vitamins and healthy fats.” They go out and buy…

Look at that, they’re being healthy! Eating plenty of vitamins and eating lean healthy protein along with grains! They feed these foods to their kids who love them. Who says kids don’t like healthy foods! It’s comical to me a healthcare company is running this campaign. They’re greatly benefiting from overweight people! They’re all part of the master plan fat conspiracy where everyone wins.

Master Plan Fat Conspiracy


The government misleads the people making them fatter, they have fat kids, their health insurance goes up, they have to visit the doctor more often, who prescribes them pills for their problem. Win, Win, Win. How do the people win you ask? In the words of Ron Swanson,

“The whole point of this country is if you want to eat garbage, balloon up to 600 pounds, and die of a heart attack at 43, you can! You are free to do so! To me, that’s beautiful.”


Well said. Proud to be an American!



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  1. Great post. Did you see the news yesterday about how Georgia is all up in arms about the new campaign? 40% of the youth in Georgia is over weight. I don’t think they should ask overweight children to put themselves on a billboard. Its very degrading. Kids are cruel to each other and I hate to think about the residual affect as these kids get older.
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  2. Great post; I agree, fat kids are generally not to blame for their weight. Admittedly I have fat children, 3 of them to be exact. I have a huge fat wife as well and I allow them all to eat what they want and most times they will eat what most people consider a reasonably healthy diet. Does that make me a bad parent or spouse? I don’t think so because despite the fact that I have a fat family they are all very happy and normal in all other ways. The problem with my family is the quantity of food they eat. My wife and kids and her entire family eat BIG. They absolutely love to eat. They are all overweight and or obese and for the most part they are happy that way; depriving people of what makes them happy is not what life is about.

    Furthermore I also believe that much of the dangers of obesity are overblown by the health and diet industry just to keep people paranoid about getting fat and to provide them with a scape goat in which to blame for illnesses that much of our processed, hormone and chemical laden foods cause. Let’s face it, if our mass produced food wasn’t so full of what are basically toxins maybe people wouldn’t be quite so fat and maybe a lot of the illnesses we see would decrease in frequency.

    Food for thought, when it is medically documented that in some cases little girls as young as 8 start to develop breasts and it can be traced back to the introduction of growth hormones in milk products, then something is terribly wrong with this picture.

    • Agreed! The movie Food inc. had some interesting facts. Especially about how a few slaughter houses produce about 95% of the meat we eat. How can it possibly be safe to produce that much??

  3. I’m absolutely IN LOVE with your “Lane”….lmfao! Not laughing my fatty ass off…my f*cking ass…. ❤ I'm not a fatty. I used to be. Weighted over 210lbs. and now I'm a hot little 145. I read what you post and for as blunt as your observations, facts and thoughts are – they are all 100% correct (and down right hilarious-ly repulsive funny!). ❤ So correct in fact, I went so far as to be posted on as transformation of the week in order to be able to truly laugh at myself for once being everything you've posted past and present. ❤ Well done (not my burger….I mean your Lane, lol)! ❤

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