Well That Explains Why Everyone is So Stupid

As I mentioned in a previous post, Americans have increased there trans fat consumption a ton since the 1950s when the stuff was rarely used. This was back when people still cooked dinner every night and would choose butter or animal fat over hydrogenated vegetable oils.

As the years passed, people consumed more trans fats and got fatter. The number of stupid people in the world seems to be growing at an alarming rate as well. Maybe there’s a connection?

Researchers have determined that people with a diet high in trans fat are more likely to experience brain shrinkage associated with Alzheimer’s disease than people who consume less trans fat. So keep eating those cookies, cakes and pies! Watch your gut grow and your brain shrink! Don’t worry, you probably won’t live long enough to experience the brain shrinkage.



4 responses

  1. Truthfully I think this whole brain shrinkage thing is an optical illusion. If you really scrutinize the issue most people will find that the brain only looks to be growing smaller in relationship to the increasing size of one’s body.
    As for the stupidity thing well there is indeed a correlation but it’s based on blood flow and not consumption of trans-fats. The body’s level of blood is a finite amount and as the body grows there is less and less blood to go around. That means less blood to the brain and less blood to the brain means that portions of the brain will not function as well as they should. Also fat people appear to be stupid because their mental capacities are usually focused more often than not on food, finding food, and eating food and sleeping more than the average thin person. This looks like single minded stupidity to some but to the fatty it is the epitome of higher thinking. To the average individual committed to the fatty lifestyle the finding and consumption of food is the number one priority in life. Those that are focused on it are more successful at growing and staying fat. In that respect fatties who can focus solely on food and who can block out all other day to day distractions are seen by other fatties and those who admire fatties as mentally superior. Well right or wrong that’s just my theory, lol.
    In reality I think person’s weight has nothing to do with their size or their capability of their brain. My wife is well over 600lbs and has weighed over 400lbs since age 18 and she holds a Masters in Sociology from NYU along with a host of professional level sociological certifications. Could a person with a significant level of brain shrinkage achieve that level of higher education; maybe but I think it is highly unlikely.

  2. “their mental capacities are usually focused more often than not on food, finding food, and eating food and sleeping”

    Sounds a lot like our hunter gatherer ancestors.

    • I think you might be on to something there. It would appear that the obese are exhibiting human behavior that is more normal than their thinner counterparts. Should that be true that will kind of put a cramp in the agenda of the anti-obesity Nazis out there.

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