Fatty Flushing

A man in San Francisco pretending to be a physicians assistant got busted. I don’t see what the big deal is…all he did was impersonate someone else, pretend to be a physician’s assistant, perform illegal liposuction, smoke a cigar during surgery, and improperly dispose of the fat removed after the procedure.

Apparently what the fake Carlos Guzmangarza does (sweet name by the way) is picks his clients up at their house in his own car and drives them to his fake clinic that he opened up. He gives the patient a local anesthetic  to numb the area, lights up and performs the surgery. All for a bargain of $3,000!

Carlos Guzmangarza?

The best part is he shows up at his patients house the next day with pounds of fat and says the woman must flush that fat down their own toilet. Carlos also injected an unknown substance into this woman’s face to treat her for acne. The woman says she never suspected anything  until her abdomen became infected and a real doctor told her normal doctors don’t smoke during operations or make your dispose of your own hazardous waste. I’m shocked she was conned, she sounds like a really smart lady…


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