Top 10 Reasons to Get Fat Over the Holidays

10. The food is good

Whether it’s a Christmas Feast or some delicious Chanukah Potato Latkes, holiday feasts are generally delicious and 100% worth scarfing down.

9.Egg Nog

Cream, sugar and eggs. Oh, and some brandy. Does it get any better?

8.Extra insulation for the cold winter months

Let your fat keep you warm. You don’t need no stinkin’ clothes…

7.You can hide your fat under a jacket until the spring

…But if you do need clothes, you can hide all your fat under a jacket.

6. Play santa at christmas parties

Play SSBBS(Super-sized-big-beautiful-santa) at your company Christmas Party. Every child loves sitting on a fat Santa’s lap…unless it’s at Joe Paterno’s Christmas party.

5. So you can be more jolly

Fat goes with Jolly like Peanut Butter goes with jelly.

4.Stock up on new clothes at after christmas sales

Packing on the lbs will force you to buy a new wardrobe.

3.Makes your new years resolution to lose weight easier

Everyone says they’ll lose weight as their New Years resolution. Why not make it easier on yourself and lose the weight you just gained over the holidays…and buy more new clothes.

2.Play the Christmas drinking game guilt free

Sounds pretty awesome to me.

1.Because Fat is Funny

It really is funny.


One response

  1. Give me a big fat Mrs. Santa to spend the holidays with any time. Unfortunately my Mrs. Santa has no lap to sit on, lol.
    BTW, you forgot one important thing point. For those of us that have fat significant others there is nothing better than cuddling up in front of a Christmas Eve fire with all that vast softness after the kids have been put to bed. That’s what I call a fun Christmas present.

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