You’re Fired…Because You’re Fat and Ugly….

…Actually it’s because you’re black. Yikes! One of my favorite topics! Political (in)correctness. A human rights panel has determined a  stripper named Cecilia Smith was fired from a strip club in Augusta, Maine because she was black…not because she was fat and ugly like the the strip club owner claimed. Racism in the Northeast!?!? What a shocker!

I think my favorite part about the story is how the strip club owner straight up said “She’s just fat and ugly.” He must be a fatist. The club manager referred to the girl as colored and refused to give her a locker like the other “workers” had. In defending itself, the club stressed in its evidence how many minority women it hires. No word on how many fat women it hires. You stay classy PT’s Showclub.


One response

  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The strip club owner may actually see her as fat and ugly and he has every right to fire or not hire her on the basis of his own taste. Since he can prove that he regularly hires black strippers it’s obvious that this was not racially motivated.
    On the other hand I’m pretty sure he doesn’t hire any fat strippers as they don’t usually appeal to the majority of patrons who frequent strip clubs. At this time guys who like to see fat girls take their clothes off have to settle for the internet. I often think it might be interesting to see a club do a special fatty night for those of us who really appreciate the big ladies. Maybe we could convince and volunteer or wives and girlfriends to perform and make a few extra dollars. I’d love to see my wife on a stage at a strip club but unfortunately the stage would probably need to be reinforced to support her weight. LOL.

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