Fatty Lane Cookbook

It’s coming soon. The Fatty Lane E-Cookbook. Well maybe not soon, but I’m going to start posting some recipes that would make most of our society say “That’s a heart attack on a plate.” They won’t know what they’re missing out on. Here’s a recipe.

Quack-fat Breakfast Potatoes and Oink Oink Omelette 

These are duck fat fried breakfast potatoes with a bacon and cheese omelette. I picked up some Duck fat from the meat house.

This breakfast is easy to make and it tastes delicious. Here’s how you make it.

Heat up 3 tablespoons of duck fat in a pan. Add in 2 cloves of garlic and 1/2 an onion and sautee until translucent. Cube one russet and add it to the pan with chives and pepper. Fry until browned and crispy.

Whisk together 2-12 eggs (depending on how fat and hungry you are) and some heavy whipping cream

Dice and cook 2-10 slices of bacon.When at desired crispness, add in 2-12 eggs. When the eggs are about half cooked add in chedder or american cheese. Top with chives, Serve and enjoy!




2 responses

  1. I used this recipe for Sunday morning breakfast today for my wife and I. I used 8 eggs (my wife eats at least 6). I have to say that it was spectacular. I can’t wait to cook up a few more of these gems for my fat wife. Thanks for the great recipe.

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