To be Fit or be Fat, That is the Question

Are you fat and fit? Prepare to live a nice long life. In an 11 year study of more than 14,000 American men, researchers found those who stayed “fit” lowered their risk of dying by up to 30% compared with those who stopped being “fit”.

Men who improved their fitness levels lowered their risk by up to 44%. For every unit improvement in fitness, there was a 15% decrease in death from any cause and a 19% decrease in dying from heart-related episodes. All these changes happened regardless of how much weight men gained or lost.

I smell something fishy. And i think the fish is fried.

First off the study only looked at men who were close to normal weight or only slightly overweight. What about someone who is obese? Are they healthy if they stay fit? First off, what does “fit” mean?

“Fit” used as as intransitive verb is defined as being the proper size and shape. Fitness is defined as the state of being fit. Using logic, defined as using your noggin to think and reason, how can someone possibly be fat and fit?

"We're both fit!"

The study also didn’t take diet into consideration. Slamming down twinkies for breakfast and hitting the elliptical for an hour can make you live longer? As long as you are “fit” I suppose. This seems to be an observational study with specific results in mind before the study even began.



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  1. First of all most studies are NOT real science. Most studies today, no matter what issue, are faux or junk science that have an agenda attached to them. They are the results of a controlled experiment that for the most part result in a favorable outcome that falls in line with the point of view of the studies sponsor. The concluding data is usually cherry-picked and slanted to bolster the sponsor’s point of view for political or corporate purposes. I don’t think that anyone is out there living under the idea that morbid obesity is not a health risk but it’s hard not to see that various societal forces are blowing it way out of proportion in terms of its impact on the individual and society as a whole.

    We live in a time of extreme paranoia, laziness and denial where dumb people want to be spoon fed information and believe almost everything that the so called experts tell them. The organizations that promote this kind of junk science know this and use society’s unwillingness to question the validity of such shit to their advantage. This kind of societal brainwashing is what promotes political and social agendas that aren’t always in the best interests of the population at large. Although this kind of societal influence is disguised as being for the greater good of the people it only really benefits the select few who are promoting this particular agenda.

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