More Like a Sad Meal

It’s a sad day for children everywhere.Yesterday was the first day Mcdonald’s had to stop giving away free toys with their Happy Meal’s in San Francisco. Kids only like going to Mcdonald’s for the free toy. Mcdonald’s will now start charging 10 cents extra if you want the toy with your happy meal. That’s a 10000000% profit on what it costs to make the toys. Luckily the profits will go to to help build a new Ronald McDonald House to temporarily house families with sick children.



3 responses

  1. The toy is crap. Kids like going to McDonalds because they LIKE going to McDonalds and the crappy toy is secondary. These anti-obesity idiots still don’t get it and I doubt they ever will.

    The longer I live the more I realize that you can’t fix stupid.

    • You definitely can’t fix stupid and there’s certainly lots of it around these days. I think young kids especially go to mcdonalds for the total experience. They aren’t food connoisseurs but I don’t think toys matters that much to them. Just gives the politicians something to do I guess.

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