Top 10 Fat Basketball Players

I’ll start this list off by saying fat basketball players are a rare breed. They aren’t like football or baseball players who stand around more. Basketball players are constantly moving. I’d also like to say Charles Barkley is not on this list because he wasn’t ever really fat when he played. Also, apparently the Celtics really like fatty’s…and that isn’t even counting Paul Pierce.

10.Eddy curry

Career PPG: 13.3

Teams Played For: CHI, NYK

9.Antoine Walker

Career PPG: 17.5

Teams Played For: BOS, DAL, ATL, MIA, MIN

8.”Big Baby” Glen Davis

Career PPG: 7.6

Teams Played For: BOS

7.Stanley Roberts 

Career PPG: 8.5

Teams Played For: ORL, LAC, MIN, HOU, PHI

6.”Big Country” Bryant reeves

Career PPG: 12.5

Teams Played For: VAN

5.Mike Sweetney

Career PPG: 6.5

Teams Played For: NYK, CHI (and a tryout for BOS)

4.Robert “Tractor” Traylor 

Career PPG: 4.8

Teams Played For: MIL, CLE, CHH, NOH

3.Oliver Miller

Career PPG: 7.4

Teams Played For: PHO, DET, TOR, DAL, SAC, MIN


Career PPG: 23.7

Teams Played For: ORL, LAL, MIA, PHO, CLE, BOS

1.Orlando Magic Stuff

Career PPG: 0.0

Teams Played For: Orlando

A true fatty…


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