Fat is not funny

Ok I lied it’s still funny. It just isn’t funny for Thomas Hunt. Thomas is suing his former boss for making fat jokes directed towards him. His former boss told him to walk around the building during his 30 minute lunch break. She didn’t give him a promotion because of his fat appearance. She told him at a staff meeting she learned to keep her mouth shut when clearly he hadn’t…because he was eating cookies.

Hunt claims her criticism was discriminatory and humiliating. I think he should have just fired back at her. I’m sure he could have made a joke about her driving or told her to go vacuum and clean the furniture (this isn’t a women stereotype blog people that’s all i can think of). Maybe Thomas just needs a compassionate boss like Michael Scott


One response

  1. Obese people are targets of discrimination all over the workplace. Unfortunately many are too embarrassed to lodge formal complaints and many HR professionals are unwilling to take these complaints seriously. My wife was a beautician by trade and before she became too large to perform her job she was regularly the butt of jokes and snide remarks. Unfortunately when you are fat all your life, being made fun of just comes with the territory and over time you begin to get conditioned into believing that you deserve it. One of the things we have impressed upon our children is that being made fun of because of your weight or size is completely unacceptable in social and professional circles. The unfortunate part of this is that so many people think its open season of fat people and that fat people deserve to be ridiculed. Obesity is looked upon as a moral failing by society in general and discriminating against the obese is considered by many to be then last safe prejudice.

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