Black Friday

It’s black friday. No way fatty’s are braving the cold and rushing out to shop for their favorite fatty products. Let’s face it, You’ll be sitting in your lazy boy shopping on, and probably finding better deals than most of the idiots who were camped out for days to save 100$ on a tv.

In between buys, you need to refuel. Some say Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, but in truth, black friday is. The inlaws are gone and you don’t have work today either…and there’s a fridge full of leftovers. Make yourself a fatty lane pie to celebrate the glorious day. Take a pie tin. Shove stuffing around the edges to make a crust. Fill with mashed potatoes, turkey, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and whatever else you have left over. Smother it with gravy and place in the oven until it’s piping hot. Enjoy(but make sure you blow on it first).


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