Pregame Thanksgiving Links

Everyone’s favorite holiday is just one day away. Here are some links to get you into the Thanksgiving Spirit!

Who says you need to be fat to eat like a champion? 105 pound Sonya Thomas ate 5.25 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes making her the winner of the Manhattan Turkey Eating Contest.

Are you planning to deep-fry your turkey? Here are some tips to make sure you don’t burn your house down.

Sick of traditional turkey? Make a Turducken Wrapped in Bacon for Thanksgiving. Here are 10 other ways to cook a turkey.

What is Thanksgiving like at the Death star?Looks like trouble. When in-laws come over, disaster is inevitable.

Awww this is what a baby turkey looks like! Enjoy eating his mother tomorrow…unless she’s one of the turkeys being issued a pardon 🙂





3 responses

  1. Eating contests are all fine and good but in my opinion the real test of an eater is how much you can eat over the long haul. How much one can eat during the 48 hr period that includes Thanksgiving and black Friday is the actual test of a true champion eater. Stuffing a belly that has been artificially enlarged strictly for a timed competitive event is not really an accurate or fair test of eating ability. I might be biased but I think those individuals who can eat obscene quantities of food day in and day out deserve a little recognition as well.

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