SSBBW Meal Finder: Eagle’s Deli Boston, Ma

This is a new segment to the blog. It’s a tribute to Susanne Eman who is on a mission to become the fattest woman in the world. I’m going to find her the ultimate high calorie meals around the country. Why not start in Boston, Ma where I am located.

Eagle’s Deli is a burger joint (is it still cool to call it a joint?) that serves up delicious, massive size burgers. The have small 1/4 pound kiddie burgers all the way up to to Eagle’s challenge burger, which is the ultimate SSBBW meal at Eagles.

The challenge is 5 pounds of ground beef, 20 pieces of bacon, 20 pieces of cheese, 5 pounds of fries, 1 pickle and a soda. It looks like this…

Here’s the nutrition profile:

Susanne Eman eats 20,000 calories in a day so I think she could polish this one off!




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  1. That actually looks delicious. I need to take my wife there for one of those challenge burgers. Unfortunately Boston is a 5 hour drive for me so it’s not like it could be a Saturday night dinner date. We could always try a commuter flight but my wife hates to fly and she would never fit comfortably on one of those little commuter jets. That’s also going to be a problem for Susanne Eman. She lives in Arizona and has 75 or so pounds on my wife, so transporting Susanne to Boston for a Hamburger no matter how big it is might be a bit impractical.
    I’m still not quite sure what you have against Miss Eman. You seem to harbor some animosity toward her and I’m wondering why. The only thing I can say I disagree with in terms of what she is doing is that she has gone public prematurely to seek attention. This is similar to what Donna Simpson did and she got crucified for it by the general public, the media and even within the fat acceptance and feederism communities. I think if she was going for the record she should have just done it and then went public once she achieved her goal. To tell the truth, from time to time my own wife has considered doing the same thing but without all the public mess. Besides as I’ve mentioned before even a 1000 pound woman will only qualify as the heaviest woman alive. There are those girls who achieved much higher weights but sadly they are no longer with us. Both Carol Yager (1600lbs) and Renee Scarfa (1800lbs) have gone to fatty heaven and even Rosalie Bradford (1200lbs) who lost almost 3/4s of her once fantastic weight has unfortunately passed on.

    • I have nothing against Susanne Eman! I think it’s wacky she eats 20,000 calories a day and is trying to break the world record. It intrigues me. She’s kind of the poster child for what I consider this site to represent: Is it messed up? I guess maybe a little, It depends on how you look at it. Is it offensive? different things are offensive to different people. Is it amusing? I think so! I don’t agree with the Susanne Eman Haters. It isn’t like she’s eating food off of starving children’s plates as so many (stupid)people try to accuse her (and other obese people for that matter) of doing. I do agree she announced it to soon though.

      The burger is great. They have many different size combinations. I know it isn’t practical for everyone to get to but i hope to find many awesome meals from around the country! If there are any by you let me know!

      • The Clinton Station Diner in Clinton NJ. Serves burgers ranging from 1lb to 50lbs. The 50 pounder is called the Mt. Olympus and if you and 4 of your family or friends can eat the whole thing in 3hrs it’s free. That’s 50 pounds of hamburger plus bun, cheese and whatever toppings you want on the damn thing. My wife and I, my oldest daughter, my wife’s sister and her husband couldn’t even do it in three hours and being that my wife is over 600lbs and her (little) sister is at least 450 (and they can eat obscene amounts), that’s saying something.

        Check out the link, the pictures on the website don’t really do it justice, in person it’s an extremely impressive sight. When they bring it out a waiter has to cut it into manageable pieces for you. We made it through about 3/4s of the thing in the 3hrs. I thought we were going to have to wheel my wife and her sister out on a flatbed when it was all over because they stuffed themselves to the point of almost exploding and they were really pissed that we couldn’t finish it.

      • That’s Awesome! I saw some pictures on yelp. It actually looks like it tastes good considering how nasty and dry looking some burgers can look when they make one big patty. When you order it how long does it take to cook?

  2. I really don’t know how long it takes to prepare and cook it’s not something that gets ordered on the spur of the moment. Truthfully I think they cook it in the oven similar to a meat loaf and then finish it on a grill. They usually require some advanced notice to prepare. Most people who order it order it for parties or special occasions. We placed the order in the morning for a 6 pm dinner as in our case it was for a special treat. My wife’s sister and husband were in town visiting from Texas. We wanted to show them that not everything is bigger in the Lone Star State. My wife’s whole family is from Texas and it’s true that everything down there seems to be larger than life even many of the people.
    BTW, we’re in there pretty often and they know us by name. My wife can eat the 7 pound Zeus burger in well under the 3hr time limit along with a couple of large Cokes. She’s usually good for one every couple of months

      • I happen to like big women. If you can’t understand or accept that very common and simple concept, I have to ask;……. what the actual FUCK is wrong with you?

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