Freeze Fatty! It’s Cool Sculpting Time!

Don’t sweat off the pounds! Freeze them off! There’s a relativity new procedure being performed called coolsculpting. It’s a body sculpting procedure that is an alternative to liposuction. It can be performed in under 2 hours and is non-invasive. It’s also less expensive than liposuction with the average cost per session between $600 and $1,200. The best part is there is no down time! You can get the operation done and head right over the the closest Chinese Food Buffet! Check out their nifty ad!


2 responses

  1. I’m pretty sure this isn’t for people who need to lose significant amounts of weight. I can’t see how you can just freeze 50 or 100 pounds away, even over time. Furthermore when it comes to weight loss, anything this simple, effortless and painless can’t possibly be for real. Weight loss is hard work and even harder work to maintain. This this sounds too much like a gimmicky load of crap. I remember a few years ago my wife went for these acupressure treatments to lose weight. A so-called acupressure specialist placed these beads in her ears so when she pressed on them, they were supposed to curb her appetite. They actually work for a while as she lost about 40lbs but I think it was more a matter of her being excited about the prospect of losing weight and she actively controlled and watched what she ate. It seemed to me to be a mind over matter thing because after the novelty sort of wore off she began to gain the weight back and not only did she gain the 40lbs but an additional 25lbs as well.

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