Why We’re Getting Fatter

Please stop trying to prove them right.


1950- 33% of Americans overweight. 10% Obese

1970- 47% of Americans overweight. 15% Obese

Today-65% of Americans overweight. 30% Obese

Those are some pretty big changes over 60 years. Health “experts” say we’re getting fatter because of too much fat in our diets and not enough heart healthy “whole grains.” Let’s break it down. (See every year here)

So our meat, egg and nut consumption has increased 4.1% since 1970

Our fruit consumption has increased 22%

Our dairy consumption has decreased 3.7%

Our vegetable consumption has decreased 2.4 percent

Our added sugar consumption has increased 14%

Our added fat consumption has increased 56.3%

Our grain consumption has increased 44.6%

Problem solved. It’s all the animal fat that’s making us fatter. Or is it? Grain consumption increased 44.6% and added sugar increased 14%. Let’s look a little deeper into this.

The USDA puts out an agricultural fact book in 2001-2002. One of the chapters was profiling food consumption in America since the 1950’s. We’ll compare how we ate in the 1950’s to how we eat now. (Read the whole thing here)


Our whole milk consumption decreased 72.8%

Our Lower Fat milk consumption increased 427%

Full Fat Ice Cream consumption decreased 11.6

Low Fat Ice Cream and Sherbert consumption increased 120%

Added Sweeteners

Cane Sugar consumption has decreased by 32%

Corn Sweetener consumption has increased by 675%

High Fructose Corn Syrup has increased by Infinity%


Salad and cooking oils (AKA Vegetable oils and seed oils like soybean or canola oil) consumption increased 259%

Shortening (vegetable oil solid at room temperature) consumption increased 111%

Lard and Beef tallow (Pig fat and cow fat) consumption decreased 42%

Butter consumption decreased 55.5%

Margarine (butter substitute) increased by 2.4 percent


Flour consumption has increased by 16%

Corn consumption has increased by 84%

Rice Consumption has increased by 271.6%


Beef consumption has increased by 21.9%

Pork consumption has increased by 5%

Veal and Lamb consumption has decreased by 83.5%

Total “Bad Fatty Red Meat” consumption has increased by 6%

Chicken consumption has increased 222.5%

Turkey consumption has increased by 231.7%

“Healthy Lean” White meat consumption has increased 224%

Seafood consumption has increased 39.4%

Egg Consumption has decreased 33%


What have we been doing the last 60 years during which time obesity rates have increased 200%?

High Fructose Corn Syrup has increased by Infinity%

Corn Sweetener consumption has increased by 675%

Our Lower Fat milk consumption increased 427%

Vegetable oil consumption increased 259%

“Healthy Lean” White meat consumption has increased 224%

So What does the government tell us to do? They tell us in order to be healthy we need to eat lots of grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat lean proteins. We’ve eaten more grains, more fruits, only slightly less vegetables, and more lean chicken and low-fat dairy. They tell us to eat less fat, especially animal fat. They steer us away from natural foods like butter and put heart healthy logos on smart butter and other fake processed products.

What does the government do to fix the problem? There’s a simple solution. Medicate! The FDA approves the drugs. The “medical professionals” prescribe high blood pressure medication, statins for cholesterol and diabetes drugs. The FDA chooses not to regulate the billion dollar diet and supplement industry and companies put out products without a pronounceable ingredient on the package that promise you will lose weight while you sleep when eating whatever you want. Rinse and Repeat!

Government- 1 Citizens- 0


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