You Big Fat Monkeys

An experimental drug called Adipotide has been helping obese monkeys lose weight. The drug cuts off blood supply to fat cells and this helps shed some lbs. Are humans next? The drug has already proven effective in mice and the monkeys lost an average of 38.7 percent of their total body fat and 27% of their abdominal fat.

The only side effects were increased urination and slight dehydration…both symptoms of mild kidney failure…no biggie. The next step is to test the drug in obese patients with prostate cancer. Obese people don’t do as well in surgery or with chemotherapy or with running marathons, so the drug may help them lose weight. Once again, our doctors are focusing hard to find a solution to the problem rather than trying to find a better way to prevent it. Maybe one day doctors will come up with a drug that lets everyone eat whatever they want and still look like a fitness model and live to be 150 years old. Darwin would be proud…



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  1. Spending money on prevention and education doesn’t work for our system of society. We saw that with cigarette smoking. It took bans and extreme taxation to place the need social stigma on smoking that was required to cut down on the frequency of tobacco usage. Big phrama can come up with all the magic weight loss drugs they want but they won’t really solve the obesity issue in this country. The only thing that will cause people to lose weight is to make it too costly to be or become fat and to make it severely unacceptable socially. Until that happens companies who make these weightless drugs will continue to go along garnering big profits by exploiting people’s fear of fat.

    You know its coming; the current level of social stigmatization is only the tip of the iceberg. Once Obamacare is put into effect and it becomes the unsustainable tax burden it is destined to become, the obese will be denied medical treatment in droves. They will all be force to seek private health insurance which will be so costly that no one will be able to afford it. Employers who have fat people on their benefits plan will be force to either fire them or pass massive increases in employee contributory costs on to all of their employees. If you think that the obese are treated like social pariahs now, just wait until this happens. It’s going to be very emotionally degrading for these fat people and it’s going to be very hard on those of us with obese spouses, children, friends and family.

    • That’s an interesting point. It’s interesting how people put blind faith in government and at the same time don’t trust them. “They” tell us how bad saturated fat and cholesterol are but when you look at big studies like the framingham heart study, there is no correlation between heart disease and cholesterol level or saturated fat consumption. Instead we’re told to eat whole grains and go light on animal products! rather than continue on I’ll do a post!

      • Humans aren’t even supposed to consume grains. The only reason we’re told to eat 6 serves of cereal and grains a day is because health organisations and the government are ‘donated’ monumental amounts of money by the grain industry.

  2. How do we know that the research on adipotide will translate over to an effective drug for people? And if it does, it will not result in permanent weight loss. Permanent weight loss needs better education to create a healthy lifestyle. But, maybe it will be a kickstart for some.

    • Personally, i don’t think it will. And will the person have to take it for the rest of his/her life? Could there be potential long term side-effects?

  3. Does anybody know more about the side effects of adipotide? I know it causes kidney damage, but how extreme is it? And who can I contact about the clinical trials? The website says it is not associated with the clinical trials or licensee of adipotide which is weird. Are they lying or just trying to get me to stop emailing them. They say to contact the University of Texas.

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