It’s as Easy as 5-2-1-0-very little

USA Today reports obese teens who want to lose weight don’t know how to. U.S childhood obesity rates have tripled over the past three decades so the government decided it’s finally time to do something about it. The study showed obese girls who were trying to lose weight were more likely to engage in at least 60 minutes of exerciseeach day, but they were also more likely to consume a soda on a daily basis.

Obese males who were trying to lose weight did not exercise and spent three hours a day playing video games. These were the kids who were trying to lose weight? What were the kids doing who weren’t trying to lose weight? Dr. Yolandra Hancock from Children’s National Medical Center said “the study demonstrates a clear lack of understanding about how (many) calories are burned during exercise…To burn off the calories in one sugary soda, you need to run a mile, and most teenagers don’t engage in that level of physical activity.

Despite the fact the doc doesn’t realize all calories aren’t the same so calories in vs. calories out is bogus, she does have an “easy” solution for obese teens. It’s the easy to understand 5-2-1-0 rule

5 fruits or vegetables

2 hours or less of screen time

1 hour of physical activity

0 sugary beverages…or very little.

I’ll take 5 orders of fries, play video games 3 hours(average for teen trying to lose weight) but one hour will be dance dance revolution. And I’ll drink nice heart healthy diet cokes! I’ll be healthy in no time!


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  1. Run a mile to burn off a soda???? Today’s teenagers and physical activity, lol.

    I have a 15 year old daughter who won’t even walk to the end of the driveway to catch the school bus, it’s too far, she’ll get her new Uggs dirty, and it’s not cool to be seen standing waiting for the bus, if she stands outside in the winter she’ll have to wear a coat and her coat makes her look fatter, etc., etc. lol. Oh the trials of being a teenage girl, lol.

    I have a 13 year old son who has outgrown the weight limits of the local peewee football league and now has to wait until he’s a freshman in HS so he can continue his football career. In the mean time he’s playing Arena Football on PlayStation for about 4 hours a day, just to keep his skills sharp and knowledge of the game current. No lie, lol.

    I have a 10 year old daughter whose idea of exercise is waiting in line at the snack bar at the movies and who thinks baking cupcakes burns enough calories to warrant eating an entire can of chocolate frosting while waiting for the cupcakes to cook. How can you argue with that logic, lol..?

    This is the world we live in because I see this kind of behavior among all their friends as well. Granted, not ALL of their friends are fat but most are somewhat soft and doughy looking and all of them are just as unconcerned with physical activity as my three are.
    I can’t really complain too much about them as they all do the household chores that they are assigned and all do well in school. They are just fated to be big fat people when they grow up, hey it works for their mom.

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