A Fat Mettlement er Settlement.

Timothy Cassidy was part of the majority at the opening day Mets Phillies game in 2007. He was drunk and fat. It’s a pretty common site at any sporting event. Big Tim had a few too many and took a spill down five rows of a the steep upper deck and landed  on Ellen Massey, breaking a vertebrae in her back that required two metal rods to repair.Everyone says “keep your eye on the ball” at baseball games. I say keep your eye on the fat people around you.

The assailant weighed in at 300 and claimed he wasn’t drunk at the game…even though surrounding fan’s said he couldn’t even complete the “Let’s go Mets!” chant. I can’t blame the guy for wanting to drink at a Mets game. I bet most Mets fans can’t proudly complete that chant sober. The victim won the case and received an unknown amount in the settlement.  I seem to remember another fat man taking a tumble at a baseball game before…


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  1. Many fat people are not that steady on their feet. All that added bulk extending out over their center of gravity makes them very suceptable to tumbling over. i know several very fat people who’s greatest fears are about falling. it’s not so much the fall that scares them it’s the fact that once they are down they may not be able to get up without a significant amount of help

  2. First of all let me say that I do find some of your blog kind of funny in a satirical way. But I have to ask, do you really find fat and making fun of fat people amusing? You do know that the obese are actually people with all the same feelings and emotions that healthy weight people have. I’m sure most of them would find this blog cruel and hurtful. Most fat people I know (myself included) don’t like the fact that they are fat and they’ve tried almost everything to lose weight with little or no lasting success. Many of them have exhausted all their options and have resorted to life threatening and life altering surgery just to shed their excess weight. I don’t see the humor in that at all and I feel terribly saddened that we as a species have come to such drastic measures just so we can be healthy and be free of the societal ridicule and stigma that being fat brings. I don’t find it funny that fat women are treated as second class citizens in the workplace. I don’t find it funny that fat women are considered by most men to have the lowest sexual value of all women and I don’t find it funny that most of society looks upon us as a burden on the medical system and a drain on the economy. I also don’t find it funny that we are treated so poorly by medical professionals while we are exploited like cash cows by the diet industry. So I would really like to see the humor in your blog but unfortunately I can’t really see all that many laughs.
    BTW, I’m not trying to ridicule you for doing what you do; you have the right to do whatever you want within the legal confines of the internet. I’m just trying to figure out the social morality of it all.

  3. Thanks for reading! It is meant to be satire. I don’t know where this stands in terms of social morality but personally I don’t feel as if I’m being cruel to overweight people. I get contacted by self proclaimed fat people quite frequently saying they love reading the blog. The diet industry and (most of the medical industry for that matter) are a complete joke and I agree with you. It’s all about solutions instead of prevention. I don’t treat anyone as a second class citizen, I just enjoy writing about this topic from this vantage point. I haven’t found anyone else who does. There are far bigger problems that need to be addressed in terms of our fattening society and those are way way way above anything i can do or write about.

    • Fair enough and I agree; there are a lot of much bigger issues (no pun intended) in society to be dealt with other than the so called obesity epidemic. I will also agree that your blog is a somewhat different take on the subject and that similar blogs covering this issue from the same point of view don’t seem to exist. You will have to excuse me if I came on a little angry on my last post but as you probably know the net is full of fat bigotry and I was probably assuming yours was just another venue for spewing misinformed hatred at fat people. I apologize if I seemed offended because that wasn’t the impression I was going for. I will continue to read your blog as I am finding your point of view interesting and unusual. Also one or two of the regular commenters seem to have some interesting info to add and provide some unique commentary.

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