Top 10 Fat TV Characters


Show: Lost

Played by: George Garcia

He’s lucky they didn’t turn to cannibalism on the island, he would have been the first to go.


9.Doug Heffernan

Show: King of Queens

Played by: Kevin James

He was funnier in Hitch.



Show: Seinfeld

Played by: Wayne Knight

Hello Newman.


7.Kevin Malone

Show: The Office

Played by: Brian Baumgartner

He keeps a giant jar of M&M’s on his desk like a true fatty.


6.Dan Conner

Show: Rosanne

Played by: John Goodman

I wouldn’t be smiling if I was married to Rosanne.


5.Jerry Gergich-Jim O’Heir

Show: Parks and Recreation

Played by: Jim O’Heir

Poor Jerry, always getting made fun of…probably because he’s fat.


4.Cedric Jackie Robinson

Show: The Steve Harvey Show

Played by: Cedric the Entertainer

Let Jackie Gleason be Ralph Kramden.


3.Kenan Thompson

Show: All That/ Kenan and Kel

Played by: Kenan Thompson

Back when he was still funny…pre SNL.


2.George Costanza

Show: Seinfeld

Played by: Jason Alexander

He lived out every fat person’s dream during the summer of George.



1. Ralph Kramden

Show: The Honeymooners

Played by: Jackie Gleason

Apparently spousal abuse was still funny back in the 1950’s.


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