Fat Salute: The back boob

The back boob, or maybe more appropriately, the back rack, is defined by the urban dictionary as:

a fatty deposit on the back that hangs in such a way that it resembles a nippleless breast. May sometimes result from a bra that is too tight, causing temporary back boobs. Mostly seen on very fat women or men with manboobs.”

As Daniel Tosh so eloquently put, you can get to second base by giving her  a hug. The back boob is every fatty boob lovers dream. Not only will you get two normal saggy boobs in the front, you also get two in the back. There are a few benefits to having back boobs.

1. You don’t need to wear a bra, you can let those things flap in the wind.

2. It gives guys a reason to stare at your backside.

3. They aren’t ruined by gigantic nipples like your normal boobs.

4. You don’t have to worry about checking for lumps.

I don't know which are bigger?

Fat boobs on either side of the body? That deserves a fat salute. Oh…and men can have them too…



One response

  1. Gotta love the back boobs; fat chicks with back fat are the best. No matter what position you use during sex and no matter how huge she is, you almost always have some breast meat to fondle. And when you put your arm around her casually, you are guaranteed to be cupping what feels like a nice big fat tit. LOL. To each his own but I can’t help but think that guys who like skinny girls have no idea what they are missing.

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