Fat to Fit to Fat

Personal trainer Drew Manning is on a mission. It’s the same mission most Americans go on every day of their entire lives. He’s going to eat whatever he wants, stop exercising, and get fat. He is on a 6 month mission and planned to gain 50-60 pounds. After those six months, he plans to use his own diet and exercise regimen to get back in shape. He started on May 7th, 2011 at 193 pounds looking like this…

It is currently week 23 and Drew has already put on 70 pounds and looks like this…

His fit-to-fat-to fit is an uncommon approach. Some might call it the reverse Oprah. She’s the master of going from fat to fit to fat. Drew says his goal is to “give people hope that it is possible to get fit and stay fit.” Judging by the many banner advertisements on his site and upcoming television appearances, his real goal is probably the big bucks. I can’t blame the guy. Fat people will watch him get right back in to shape and think they can do it to. The only difference is he has his original body already underneath his new found fat. I wonder if he’s consulting Susanne Eman on how to gain weight…


3 responses

  1. He obviously has great genetics and the knowledge to do it. There really isn’t much of a risk in failure here. I wouldn’t be bothered though if he struggles to lose the weight. Fat people will finally have some justice.

  2. Stooopidest thing I’ve ever seen. This will only further frustrate those fat people who have not yet realized that losing weight is a losing battle.

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