For all you west coast fatties, You still have 15 days left of Tacoberfest left before it’s officially over. To celebrate their rich German heritage, Del Taco will be offering Taco Deluxe’s for 89 cents, two crispy fish tacos for $3, two big fat crispy chicken tacos for $4, or two big fat chicken or steak soft tacos for $4. The CBO (chief brand officer) at Del Taco said ” Why should German foods have all the fun this month?” We agree, diarrhea shouldn’t only come from liter’s of beer and sausage this month, it should come from Tacoberfest at Del Taco. Did i mention they have Mr. Pibb in their soda fountain, get your fat butt down there.


One response

  1. Fast food Mexican style is great for fatties. Constipation is a big problem for the super obese and cheap processed Mexican food helps to clean them out. Just remember to keep that plunger on hand.

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