Fat Salute: Bashar Brown’s Fatty Salon

Bashar Brown has decided to open a hair salon for plus size customers only. The shop will feature larger size chairs and larger smocks. No word yet on if they’ll use extra large scissors.

Apparently fat people feel uncomfortable going into a salon that is filled with slim and gorgeous women. It feels like they are “walking into a gym” according to owner Bashar. When he goes to the gym he generally  just sits in a chair, so it’s pretty much exactly the same. Fat women love to be told they’re fat so a fat salon is the perfect Idea. Maybe they can come up with a deal like Heart Attack Grill, weigh over 300 Pounds and get a free shampoo. There’s extra cash flow potential in vending machines or maybe even a snack bar! We salute You and Your fat entrepreneurship.



One response

  1. This is a great idea. I bet a chain of these salons could make a fortune over here in the US. We have a lot of very pretty fatties who would patronize a place like that in a heartbeat. Where we live I’d say just that a good 45 to 55% of the women would find a salon that caters to fuller figured women a fantastic a great addition to the business community. I even have the perfect location for it at the local mall; it could be right between the food court and the Lane Bryant women’s clothing store.

    My wife goes regularly to a salon for a manicure and pedicure where she is by far the largest client in the place. In fact she has to bring her own portable chair as she is too heavy and wide for the seating at the salon. My oldest daughter (16) is approaching the limit that the seats will contain and she would benefit from a little extra accommodation as well. I don’t think that here in the US a little extra accommodation for our meatier women is too much to ask, do you?

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