Top 10 Fat Halloween Costumes

Besides dressing up like any one of your favorite fat cartoon characters,here are the top 10 fat Halloween costumes for this year.

10. Oprah Winfrey

This one works even better if you have a friend that dresses as skinny Oprah. You can find an Oprah mask or just wear a giant trash bag with belt and a couple bracelets.

9. Santa

A great way to prepare for Christmas a couple months early. No billy bob references please.


This is a good one for the ladies out there. You can show off you “nice boobs” with this costume.

7. Giant Marhsmellow

Make sure you don’t use real marshmallows or people might then eat pieces of your costume all night.

note: people may mistake you as a fat sperm.

6. Chris Christie

There’s no bigger joke than an obese presidential candidate. You’ll get plenty of laughs and bonus points for being edgy and keeping up with politics.


Awww…so you won’t be anywhere near this cute…but you might waddle better.


Sorry to follow the previous picture with this one.

3. Baked Potato

Wrap yourself up in foil and Voila! This even gives you an excuse to bring your own butter around for the night.

2. Koolaid guy


1.Fat Super Hero

You’ll win points for ironic humor that’s for sure.


4 responses

  1. We host a costume party every year at Halloween and a few years ago my wife went as a globe. I smeared her entire body evenly (no trace of skin showing) with blue body paint and dressed her in a matching blue bikini. I then proceeded to paint the seven continents on her beautiful body in their respective real world positions. It took about 7 hours to complete form start to finish but it was extremely impressive when it was all done. To augment her costume I was dressed as Magellan and I told everyone that I was the first to circumnavigate her.

    The only bad part was that my wife, being so large tends to sweat a lot and half way through the night the continents began to slide into each. By the time the last guest left the party, they looked like one big super continent, lol.

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