What Fat People Like: Halloween

Halloween is the favorite holiday of fat people everywhere. You can eat massive amounts of candy and sweets and fit in with everyone else. You can dress up in a costume that hides your face if you’re embarrassed, or you can celebrate your fatness and realize this is the perfect time for a funny costume.

She Shoots Marshmellows

Yeah, like the cape is fooling anyone...

Stay tuned for the top 10 Fat Halloween Costumes. Word is, Susanne Eman is going as a big fat idiot this year.



One response

  1. It’s also a great excuse for the porkers to stuff themselves with candy apples, chocolate bars and all sorts of sugary treats. Halloween is the big fat diabetics very own nightmare come to life. I know in my house I have to keep candy bowl out of reach of my big fat wife, or she will eat all the candy before the trick-or-treaters can even get to it.
    Good thing I have three kids because when they go out trick or treating, I send them out with two bags each (one for them and one for their mom).

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