Fat Tax

Denmark has become the first Country in the world to put a tax on fat. Researchers at Denmark’s Institute of Food and Resource Economics have decided that 4% of the country’s premature deaths are due to foods high in saturated fats. Even though Saturated Fat have never ACTUALLY been proven to lead to heart disease, the Government has decided to tax products with more than 2.3% saturated fat. Be ready to shell out some dough for butter, butter will cost about 30% more with the new tax.

natural grass fed butter is killing you...

The good news is, you can still buy hydrogenated oil butter sprays and spreads without having to worry about spending all that extra money! These are obviously much better for you health as they’re natural and require no processing. Those healthy low fat cookies and candy you love will still be available without the tax as well! Government is great!

...but this is still good for you


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