What Fat People Like: Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory represents all things fat. They have fat portions, put them in fat to-go bags, and fat people love to eat there. On their skinnylicious menu, they boast their healthy entrees under 590 calories. It has been named the worst family restaurant in America in terms of healthy eating. Most entrees and even appetizers are well over 1000 calories. Even the average sandwich is 1400 calories, and they don’t care, and fat people don’t care either.

Cheesecake Factory is on a mission to serve us awesomely delicious food. If you want a little tiny salad, don’t go to cheesecake factory, but don’t complain about their 1220 calorie White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake…because it’s every fat person’s dream.


5 responses

  1. Even the name is fat. It’s an entire factory of not just cheese, not just cake, but the combination of them to form cheesecake. The only thing fatter would be calling it a warehouse. Someday maybe. More fat people can be held in a warehouse.

    • The Cheesecake Warehouse…I’m speechless. Genius. Maybe you can get more chain restaurants to adopt the warehouse theme. CPW- California Pizza Warehouse.

  2. The Cheese Cake Factory is one of my wife’s favorite places to go. The food is decent compared to other nasty chain restaurants such as crapplebees the seats are comfortable for large people and their deserts are down-right fucking awesome. When you go to a place like the CCF you’re not going there to worry about your caloric intake. If that is your goal just stay outside of the restaurant and eat from the landscaping ( i.e. grass and shrubbery) that surrounds the building. lol.

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