Reuse Your Old Pringles Can

Everything about Pringles is awesome. They taste great, the can looks like it’s made for tennis balls, and the guy on the front has a sweet mustache. After you finish your can of Pringles, don’t just suck the crumbs down and throw out the can, put it to good use. Here are a few awesome ways to re-use an old Pringles can…or you can always send it to this guy.

Pringles Bong

Check out the instructions here. Obviously this is to smoke flavored tobacco, because marijuana is illegal mmkay.

Soap Mold

Anyone who has seen fight club knows you can use fat to make soap. This makes a Pringles can a great way to  mold it.

Wi-fi Antenna Extender

Here’s how you do it

Pringles Phone

Tie a string to a can of Pringles and talk to your neighbors through your bedroom window

Pringles Strip Light

Pretty awesome for home photography. Here is how.

Pringles Ipod Dock

Build your own. Listen to all your favorite fat songs.

Pringles Rocket

Find out how here. Don’t try this at home unless you are stupid…actually I don’t care do whatever you want.

Put Your Cat in it

Unless it’s too fat to fit.


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