Top 10 Ways People get to Fatty Lane

I get some awesome search engine referrals to Fatty Lane. I get the standard searches for  ssbbw and Pauline Potter but these 10 are my favorite.

10. “fat burrito man”

I really hope this is some sort of superhero.

9. “fat shit eating pringles”

Pringles should pay me for promoting their wonderful product.

8. “fat knee”

I wonder if they had a swollen knee, or if they were looking for someone with fat on their knees.

7. “airplane and football”

I mainly write about airplanes and football so…

6. “teddy bare nude girl and teddy bear”

Sounds like a bad late night showtime movie.

5.”fat blob eating”

It isn’t nice to call someone a blob.

4. “the fattest booby in the world”

Who cares about the fattest boobies, I want to find a girl with one giant fat boob.

3. “fat ugly chinese kids steroids gone wrong”

My original name for the blog, I should’ve kept it.

2. “eating nachos off a girls ass”

The fact that my blog comes up when this is searched for makes me know I provide meaningful content. I feel bad for the person searching for this. It’s not easy to find someone eating nachos off a girl’s ass. Luckily my ninja photography was able to help you out. I was able to get a real life picture of Justin Bieber eating nachos off a girl’s ass. Look for this is next month’s People Magazine.

1. “i want to slap susanne eman’ smile off her face”



One response

  1. Why the hate for Susanne Eman? She is just looking for her 15 mins of fame just as you are. Everyone wants to be remembered for something and wouldn’t it be boring if everyone wanted the same thing out of life?

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