Big Fat Sex is the Answer

Not that anyone cares, but Kirstie Alley lost weight…again. She lost 100lbs and says she didn’t lose the weight for health reasons. Kirstie says she “didn’t like the way she looked” and “didn’t want to have fat sex.”

It would look more dramatic if I had Photoshop

What exactly is fat sex? I tried googling “fat sex” and got exactly what I thought I’d get. I’m not looking for fat porn. I know from my site stats I get a few viewers per day on Fatty Lane looking for fatty sex.

I was on my own to figure out what fat sex is…and is it really as bad as Kirstie Allie says. So what is fat sex? A fetish for chubby chasers? Nope. Is it the same as regular sex? kind of…but you need more pillows. After minutes of extensive research, I figured it out. Kirstie Alley was lying. Fat sex isn’t a bad thing. Fat sex is the reason people become fat. This whole obesity problem makes sense now. People become obese to have fat sex. Ask Pauline Potter, She says she’s a “sex goddess” and “has fantastic sex every day.”

Give it to me baby...

If you really want to improve your sex life. Start eating more and doing less. Sit on your couch all day. This isn’t going to be easy. You have to study and memorize a lot of excuses to become a successful obese person. You need an excuse for why you eat so much and do so little. You need excuses for why you bought your mobility scooter. Don’t let the haters phase you,  you’ll have the ultimate reward in the end. If you get fat enough, you too can be a sex god or goddess. Stay focused. Stay on track, and you can have the sex life you’ve always dreamed of…





8 responses

  1. Fat sex is a lot better than most people realize. Fat women will do just about any nasty thing you want them to do. Skinny chicks (unless they are sluts) won’t even give head most times.

    • Play that hand close to your chest. You don’t want your secret getting out making everyone realize what they’re missing out on.

    • Excuses, excuses. Doesn’t anyone realize once you become this morbidly obese, you lose your energy and sex drive? I am in full support of maintaining a healthy sex life no matter whether thick or thin, but you’re trying to push your agenda onto others.

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