Top 10 Fat Video Game Characters

10. King Hippo- Mike Tyson’s Punch-out!!

King Hippo would stomp you with his purple gloves and his sweet belly button band-aid.

9. Mario- Super Mario Bros.

Apparently eating coins all day makes you a little pudgy.

8. Bob- Tekken

Bonus points for the suspenders.

7. E Honda- Street Fighter

A Sumo Wrestler with blazing hands. Hide your Pringles.

6. Snorlax- Pokemon

Awww… I guess fat can be cute

5. Earl- Toejam and Earl

Bonus points for the polka dots.

4. Chang-King of Fighters

If you ever see a fat person with a giant ball and chain, run away (or maybe walk if they’re really fat).

3. Fat team- NES Ice Hockey

So they were a little slow, but their goalie was good.

2 Big Red Bird- Angry Birds

I think he may have eaten some of the pigs.

1. John Madden- Madden (any year)

Mr. Cankle’s deserves a spot.


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