What Fat People Like: Motorized Scooters

The motorized scooter, or mobility scooter, might be the best invention for overweight people since the value meal. Walking is one of the biggest inconveniences for overweight people. Walking is often hard and pointless. The only time it’s necessary for a fat person to walk is if there’s a reward involved.

Walking to the kitchen= Food as reward

Walking to the bedroom=  sleep as reward

Walking to the bathroom= not shitting pants as reward

The motorized scooter might replace the need to walk anywhere. You see them at the grocery store, the zoo, fast food drive thru’s, and on the side of highways. There’s even a basket on the front which eliminates the need to carry anything. It’s the ultimate fatty-tool. The overweight are doing the elderly a big favor, they’re helping them get more exercise. When an elderly person gets to the grocery store and all the mobility scooters are being used by fat lazy people, they walk and carry their own basket. This helps keep them young and vibrant. Now that’s respecting your elders.


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