Top 10 Things Fat People Shouldn’t wear


Why? It causes sausage toes. Looks like little smoked meats ready to burst out of their casing.


Why? Too much detail. It also causes the dreaded elephant toe in the front. Post on that coming soon.


Why? According to Cosmo, you should wear a belted one piece if you have a bit of a belly.

7.Skinny Jeans

Why? Skinny jeans look terrible even on skinny people.

6.Tube Tops

Why? I don’t even know. There are so many things wrong with this picture I can’t think straight.


Why? Banana Hammocks aren’t cool. He had such an awesome gigantic gold cross and yet, he blew it wearing the speedo.


Why? Obvious. Stick to sweat pants.

3.Animal Print

Why? You don’t want to confuse a hunter.

2. An I beat anorexia t-shirt

Why? Because making fun of other people’s problems is pretty messed up…

1. Nothing

Why? uhhh.


17 responses

  1. I don’t care if they wear skinnies as long as they don’t have there ass hanging out of them just get the right size simples and the only thing i find wrong for overweight people to wear is tops saying I beat anorexia because anorexia is a disease that kills loads of people and I think it’s disgusting to make fun of people suffering anorexia like if you wanna be naked do it in your own house if you wanna wear animal print , good for you if you wanna wear speedos as long as your not walking around the street in one then be my guest but don’t wear tops that can really offend and hurt people as that’s just being a dick

  2. Fat people should be able to wear whatever they want and not be judged by everyone. You’re saying that they shouldn’t be wearing ‘I Beat Anorexia’ T-Shirts, because making fun of other people’s problems is messed up, but this is exactly what you are doing by making this list. Sausage toes? Really? Have you ever thought that everyone judging the overweight is what causes people to have eating disorders, after all?

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