Top 10 Fat Baseball Players

Susanne Eman pitches to Donna Simpson


Everyone loves a fat baseball player. Watching a fat man hit a baseball 450 feet makes the average fat man watching think he can do it too. This was a tough list to make. Do you make the list based on a players fat body or fat stats? I’ve decided to add a little of both. Honorable mentions that didn’t make the top 10 are Prince and Cecil Fielder, Benji Molina, Tony Gwynn, Kirby Puckett and Tony Eusebio for his sweet batting stance. Here are the 10 who made it.

10. David Ortiz

Why he made it: Big (fat) Papi gets clutch hit after clutch hit. He’s also a DH so he truly embodies the fat spirit sitting on his ass for most of the game.

9. CC Sabathia

Why he made it: He’s the most dominant and fattest pitcher of his era.

8.Mo Vaughn

Why he made it: His awesome batting stance…and the fact that he went tumbling into a dugout

7.John Kruk

Why he made it: His graceful move dodging a Randy Johnson fastball in the 1993 all star game.

6.Fernando Valenzuela

Why he made it: His nickname “El Toro” (gordo), Fernandomania, a screw ball and his delivery.

5. Pablo Sandoval

Why he made it: Even though he lost the weight, he’s still Kung-Fu Panda

4.Antonio Alfonseca

Why he made it: He belly-bumped an umpire. It was described by manager Dusty Baker as “assault and battery with a belly.”

3.Rod Beck

Why he made it: nicknamed “Shooter.” When rehabbing at the end of his career in the minor leagues, he invited fans over to get autographs and drink beer. His Mustache has been added to the top mustaches list.

2.David Wells

Why he made it: He celebrated his fatness. He wrote an autobiography called Perfect I’m Not: Boomer on Beer, Brawls, Backaches and Baseball. He openly loved beer. He pitched a perfect game and he said he strengthened his arm in the minor leagues throwing rocks at homeless people.

1.Babe Ruth

Why he made it: The Bambino had some decent numbers during his career, but the reason he tops the list is he once pointed to a hot dog vendor in the middle of an at bat to order a couple hot dogs.


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