Step your game up Susanne Eman

It’s on! Our SSBBW friend Susanne Eman might be a liar. The Guinness Book of World Records named Pauline Potter the “winner” of the World’s heaviest woman record. Susanne’s weight was unverified. This scandal could rock the fat community like the steroids scandal rocked baseball. Could Eman be on performance enhancing drugs causing her to fear a weigh in? Or is she just stuck on her couch?

The fattest woman in the world goes to Pauline Potter.

Pauline weighed in at 643 pounds. Potter says she “isn’t looking to turn her fat into fame.”

The reason she got in touch with Guinness Book of World Records was for help. She figured if she was named the fattest woman in the world, it might be time to drop a couple lbs. She said she doesn’t blame her condition on genetics but rather a sweet tooth and a slow metabolism. She claims her son eats more than her and also weighs less, therefore, it must be a slow metabolism causing her problems.

Pauline has a long way to go before she catches the fattest woman of all time. That record belongs to Rosalie Bradford, who passed away in 2006, weighing 1,200 pounds.

A woman named Donna Simpson wants to challenge the world record along with Susanne cheaten’ Eman. Donna weighs 532 pounds.

She currently holds the record for fattest mother to give birth. In 2007 She gave birth with the help of 30 doctors and 2 powerlifters. Luckily, her insurance premium is the same as everyone else’s. The Baby (pictured below) came out healthy and normal.


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  3. According to wikianswers the heaviest woman was Renee Scarfa at 1,800lbs and carol yeager at 1,600lbs. if this is true then who ever wants to claim the real record has a long way to go.

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  7. Being fat isent good you could control it but it somethimes gets out of hand. You always say that you are never going to be that fat but in the end thats how it might or even will turn out. You could be young and preety but whats the point if you are fat. When ever you here the word you feel uncomterble and when you look in the mirrior you see that you have to loose weight and at first your right on track and your very confident but then you are on the path that is not healthy for you. You should suck it up and loose weight one thing is to say that and another thing is to actually do it.

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  9. Hello Fatty lane! I am Pauline Potter. I promise that I have never said I was a sex goddess and that I have great sex everyday. The internet & the media twist things so I just ask you to not believe everything you read. Or email me personally and ask, I have no reason to lie….my life is an open book! Thanks…

    • The “interwebs” have a tendency of fabricating things simply to make the sensational even more so. Why this happens we can only guess and why it needs to be I have no idea; especially when people like you are a sensation without the additional embellishments. My wife who is very large was almost recently a victim of this type of internet sensationalism. In case you haven’t been aware here on the Mid-Atlantic coast we were hit pretty severely with a hurricane and there was much damage and power disruption. Where we live our neighborhood was under mandatory evacuation so I decided to move my wife and three children to a family member’s house several miles away and out of the evac zone. But due to the fact that her/ our GMC Savanna (her normal mode of transportation) was in the shop and since she has gotten so large that she can no longer fit in our passenger car I had to enlist the aid of local emergency services to transport her to safety. Unbeknown to be a member of the local fire department is an avid blogger and was writing about the local goings on related to the storm. Naturally he jumped on the story about this huge woman who could barely walk and who need the aid of the local fire department to move her big fat helpless ass to a place of refuge. The original article he was going to place on his blog was extremely unflattering and full of misinformation, speculation and quite frankly lies. The author in question originally wrote that my wife as weighing over 850lbs when in reality she weighs quite a bit less (680lbs). He also described her as being nearly immobile requiring the aid of a dozen men to move her when in fact she can walk unaided and actually walked with minimal help onto the lift that was used to get her into the transport vehicle. He also wrote that it took over 2 hrs. to move her from our home to the waiting transportation. In reality the whole process of moving her from start to finish took less than 20 mins. Luckily a friend of mine is on the local fire department with the author and upon hearing that my wife was the subject of the author’s blog entry he suggest that the author clear some of the facts with me. When I first read the authors first draft I almost bust out laughing. I then sat the young man down and set him straight, introduced him to my wife and showed him that what he was about to put out on the forever internet was 90% fabrication. At first he was a bit defensive at my calling him out on what he had planned to write but it didn’t take him long to realize that he was wrong. When I asked him why he had made so much stuff up he looked at me rather sheepishly and said that he just wanted to grab the reader’s attention and hold onto it. By portraying my wife as this obese gluttonous, monster of a women it would invoke a visceral reaction from the readers. Fortunately he was a reasonable individual and it didn’t hurt that many of his fellow firefighters were friends of me and my wife; he later wrote a much more accurate entry to his blog. It may have lacked some of the sensationalism and emotional impact but in my opinion it was an interesting addition to the local happenings nonetheless.
      Sorry to be long winded but as you can see and as you probably well know you are not the only large person to have been treated by the media as an attention getter. In today’s world where extreme obesity is becoming more common place, reports of extremely large people need to have a “hook” that draws the reader in otherwise it becomes just another mundane story about someone who eats too much. It’s unfortunate, it’s disingenuous and it’s hurtful but its how things are done in the current world of journalism. The truly sad part of it is that people like you have a very interesting story to tell without all the freakish embellishment and lies added in

  10. haz tu sola las cosas NO necesitais ayudantes solo os ayudan cuando
    vais al hospital en el coche solo podeis meteros vosotras solas SIN ayuda si no podeis
    meteros intentad muchisimas veces segidas hasta meterse

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