Top 10 places to spot a Fatty

10.A Food court

Fat People love food courts. When there’s free wifi and they can listen to all their favorite fat music on their 8 inch laptop, it’s even better.

9.An Amusement Park

They don’t even have to wait in line for the scooter ride

8.The Zoo

Sometimes animals are fat too.

7.A State Fair

Especially state fairs in the midwest. Keep an eye out for an SSBBW stealing the leftover oil from the fried food stands.

6.A Sporting Event

The excess blubber keeps them warm through the whole football season.

5.On an Airplane

There’s always one.

4.The Beach

Fat girls love to show off their “awesome boobs” at the beach.

3.An Eating Contest

A contest that involves eating the most food. Pretty self explanatory.


Mcdonalds gets a bad rap but fat people still love it. Kids too

1.The South

Home of the dumbest fat people.


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