What Fat People like: Buffets

Buffets are considered the optimal food group for the fat and obese. They can pile their plates with sweet, salty, and fatty foods. They can make as many trips as they want and eat until their heart’s content…or until their heart fails, whichever comes first.

Fatties generally prefer cheap buffets like Old Country Buffet and Chinese food buffets over the more gourmet buffets like the buffets in Las Vegas. However, in Las Vegas they can eat at a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is known as the holy trinity . The religious fat believe the holy trinity is served every day in fat heaven. In the book of Farley 2:16, it states “those who putteth food in thou mouth in excess, shalt reap the rewards of the holy trinity for all of eternity.”

The only downside to the buffet is the fatty must plate his own food. It takes so much work to stand up and walk over to the buffet line. Not to mention, they have to carry their own plate all the way back to the table. When a buffet opens with food displays that are brought to the table, the fatty’s ultimate dream will be fulfilled.



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