Skinny Women happy with Fat Men

Rejoice Fat men, you can still land a skinny woman and have a very happy marriage. A published Study looked at 170 newlywed couples and tracked their BMI and marital satisfaction over time. To no ones surprise, men were happier when their wife had a lower BMI than they did. What’s more surprising is the fact that women were happier when their man had a higher BMI than they did.

They are happier than he is...

Okay so it’s actually not that surprising considering what men like and what women like.

What Men Like:                                                  What Women Like:

1. Sex                                                                      1. Money

2. Sports                                                                2. Babies

3. Beer                                                                   3. Gossip

4. Food                                                                  4. Chocolate

5. Gadgets                                                             5. Fashion


With a thin woman, a man gets and enjoys his sex (unless he gets too fat for sex of course). He can sit and drink beer and stuff his face with food while watching football on his 60 inch LED HDTV.


A women who is with a fatter man is probably with him for his money. She has sex with him so she can have a baby. She can gossip with her friends about how their husbands sit around all day watching football and drinking beer. She can eat as much chocolate as she wants as long as she doesn’t get fatter than her husband. She can then buy a new pair of shoes and laugh at all the ssbbw’s who can’t find anyone fatter than they are.



2 responses

  1. This is ridiculous, I am a good looking woman with a much larger man. Myself being only 140 lbs at 5’4 and I truly in love with him. It’s pretty messed up but women are scandalous and will do something like that. I just wanted a chance to say we are not all screwed up lol

  2. I’m getting fast on purpose. My childhood girlfriend has been stalking me for a long time, but I’ve figured her out. Bout only its she a crack ho, gold digger, she’s as shallow as the reflecting pool in oz. If I get fatter, this weirdo will be ashamed to stalk me, be ashamed to want to ever be with me, plus the sex will be BOUNCY, wheeee…so she WILL MOVE ON. SHE HASN’T SEEN ME IN A LONG TIME AND WHEN SHE REALIZES I’M THE FATTY I USED TO BE..I will be free. She will be sleeping one eye open till death…

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