News: Fat People can be Independent

It’s a common misconception that all obese people are lazy. While most are, there are a select few who would like to live their lives independently. A company based out the UK called Total Hygiene has developed a product that will make it easier for obese people to sit down and use the toilet.

Obese people with type 2 diabetes have to use the toilet more frequently than their non diabetic counterparts. Because of their size, they find it difficult to maintain proper hygiene because they can’t reach the “necessary” parts of the body.  This is where the Total Hygiene Palma Vita Toilet Shower comes in handy.

Now this may look confusing, so luckily they’ve included handy instructions:

When you’ve finished your last can of Pringles and that 2 liter Coke, it’s that time of day once again. Walk (or ride your scooter) to the bathroom. Sit on the toilet. Take care of business. With the convenient dual elbow pad toilet-flusher mechanism, you wont even have to move to flush the toilet! Hold elbow pad down approximately 10-15 seconds and warm water washing will take place. Warm air drying automatically follows when elbow pad is released. Take nap. Repeat.

In Case this doesn’t make sense. The folks at Total Hygiene have included a diagram.

It holds up to 420 pounds! Sorry SSBBW’s, this toilet is too small for you.


One response

  1. Yes this toilet is too small for most SSBBWs but there are other toilet hygiene aids on the market. Bariatric plumbing fixtures are becoming more readily available each year and combination bidet/toilets that hold up to 800 or 1,000lbs can be purchased at many internet plumbing supply companies. Bariatric cranes and harnesses for lifting your massively fat sweetie on and off the toilet are also available as well as hand held reach aids for cleaning those pesky hard to see and reach areas. In today’s day and age there is no reason for your hefty friend or family member to be unclean or smelly. Life is good for our fatties and it’s getting better all the time.

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